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Origini Edizioni


Elie Monferier





Fable invites us to seek in everything the overthrow of the known, to call on vertigo, excess, unreason, in order to reconnect with nature and limitlessness, in a brutal confrontation with what is. The photographic gesture tends here towards the visceral and the origin. It is a photographic meditation on the duality of the human being, between elevation and cruelty, between contemplation and experience, between humility and hybris.


Technical informations:

Photos and texts by Elie Monferier

Quotes from Agota Kristof, The Notebook

Project and design by Valentino Barachini

Copywriting by Matilde Vittoria Laricchia

English translation by Massimiliano Barachini

Handcrafted realisation by Origini edizioni

150 copies numbered and signed

63 pages, 52 photos, b/w and four colours

Papers: Magic Cream Favini 85 gr; Transwhite Thibierge & Comar 90 gr and 160 gr; Conqueror Laid Feather Arjowiggins 120 gr; Burano Favini Bordeaux 90 gr and 300 gr.

Closed book dimensions: 29,5 x 23 cm

Languages: French and English

The book is contained into an handmade bordeaux cardboard folder.


80,00 €Prix
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