Represented by Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin


2022 Finalist Premio al Mejor Libro de Fotografia del Ano PhotoESPANA 2022 / Sacre

2021 Finalist BUP Book Award - Blow Up Press / Insula​

2020 Winner of Premio al Mejor Libro de Fotografía del Año PHotoESPAÑA 2020 / category self-published photobook / Sang Noir

2019 Finalist Brussel Street Photography Festival / Forever Young

2019 Honorable Mention ASPAwards : personal research / Sang Noir

2018 Finalist Street Photography Awards Lensculture / Forever Young

Books and other publications

2022 May You Stay / Pierre Bessard - L'Atelier Risographique

2022 Sacre / handmade and self-edited photobook ​

2021 Fable / Origini Edizioni​

2021 May You Stay / Halogénure n°8

2019 Sang Noir / handmade and self-edited photobook 

​Solo exhibition 

2021 Sang Noir / galerie SAGE Paris

Collective exhibition

2022 L'enfant sauvage - Bruxelles / Sacre

2022 Athens Photo Festival - Photobook Exhibition / Sacre

2022 Le Bus, Espace Culturel Mobile - Association Autres Directions, Couserans, "Tomber au monde" saison 2022 / Insula​

2021 Les Promenades photographiques de Vendôme / Fable​

2021 Fondation Manuel Rivera Ortiz, Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles / D'ici, ça ne paraît pas si loin avec le collectif LesAssociés​

2021 Festival Circulations / Sang Noir​

2019 Brussel Street Photography Festival / Forever Young

2019 FOTOHAUS / PARISBERLIN 2019 / ARLES / "Mur (s) / Mauer (n)"



Photo Doc / Interview

Fisheye / Sacre

Fisheye / Sang Noir​

Fisheye / Fable​

AmericanSuburbX / Sang Noir

Robin Titchener's / Sang Noir ​

L'intervalle - Fabien Ribéry / May You Stay

L'intervalle - Fabien Ribéry / Sacre

L'intervalle - Fabien Ribéry / Sang Noir ​

L'intervalle - Fabien Ribéry / Fable​

5, rue du - Frédéric Martin / May You Stay

5, rue du - Frédéric Martin / Sacre

5, rue du - Frédéric Martin / Fable​

Click Magazine / Sang Noir ​

Dodho magazine / Forever Young 

Lensculture magazine / Forever Young 


Elie Monferier is a self-taught French photographer born in 1988. In 2019, he self-published his first hand made photobook, Sang Noir, winner of Premio al Mejor Libro de Fotografía del Año PHotoESPAÑA 2020. His second photobook, Fable, was published by Origini Edizioni in 2021. He was recently exhibited in 2021 at gallery SAGE Paris, at Festival Circulations, at Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation during les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles and at Les promenades photographiques de Vendome. 

"There is in the photographic gesture something unfinished, insufficient and incomplete, which breaks the discursive logic and artifices with which the world become acceptable. To photograph is to deny and foil all morals, all beliefs, all justifications that would want to contain the vital impetus, the organic thrill brought to its most cruel expression. I make images but I only consider them as a pretext for this possibility of existence."

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