Sometimes, the detail says more than a look. And more, a single detail can say an entire attitude… (Especially the attitude of the photographer.)


During the workshop, I realized that my strategy was to make a maximum of meetings. I decided, one evening, to make a hundred portraits of different strangers.


My goal is to invent my own city and to recreate reality.


Photography is always a question of finding its own strategy to approach the human.


The number of situations to provoke is incredible on the night of the first May in Berlin.


During a week, I was in Berlin to do a workshop with Antoine d’Agata. It was a matter of going further, of pushing back its limits, and of provoking photographic situations.

Very pleased to have received today an e-mail from lensculture team informing me that one of my photos had been selected by their editors to appear in the Gallery of the LensCulture Magnum Photography Awards 2017, visible by all visitors to the site. A big thank you to them for the visibility they offer to my work.